Monday, June 9, 2008

(Acupuncture) Prescription Law Dropped in Ohio

Governor Ted Strickland signed SB 245 on Friday May 23, 2008. The new acupuncture practice bill will be enacted 90 days from that date. The OAAOM will be holding an explanatory meeting Sunday June 22, 2008 for all Ohio acupuncturists.

What this law change basically means is that there will be no further requirement for an Acupuncture Prescription for most acupuncturists in Ohio. There will be a $500,000 malpractice insurance requirement associated with this law as well. Acupuncturists in Ohio will now be allowed to designate their title as L.Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist) as an added bonus.

Those acupuncturists who are being licensed for the first time will be required to fulfill a one year probationary period before being allowed to treat without a prescription. This period must be free from disciplinary action in order to begin practicing without the prescription requirement.

This is excellent news for Acupuncturists who have been unfairly controlled by the Medical Board in the state of Ohio. There is not even one acupuncturist on the board governing their activities. I for one am happy about this long overdue regulatory change of an unfair and outdated law. This allows acupuncturists in Ohio to begin practicing their profession properly and without the interference of a civil rights violating law. Let's fight the Ohio Acupuncture Herb Ban next!

Peace, Ahmed Edwards (614) 849-2099.