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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

How does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture Works in  3 Main Ways:

1) Acupuncture is an ancient therapy used to successfully treat many medical problems without the need for medication or invasive procedures.

2) Acupuncture promotes well-being and natural healing without any side-effects. Many conditions may even respond in under 24 hours.

3) Acupuncture works by 3 main mechanisms: a) increasing the circulation of blood and energy throughout the body, b) boosting production of serotonin in the brain and digestive tract, and c) reducing inflammation through activation of the non-specific immune system and lymphatic drainage.

Sunday, March 17, 2013



INITIAL CONSULT :    $75 (Applies to all Packages)
For Edwards Acupuncture Cancellation and Return Policy (See the bottom of this page)

6 TREATMENT PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE DEAL :      Buy 6 acupuncture treatments for $600.00. These treatments must be used within 6 months of the purchase date. You can authorize anyone to use your treatments if you schedule it in advance. There are no refunds available with this offer after 30 days from purchase.
$600.00 Offer

12 TREATMENT PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE DEAL :     Buy 12 acupuncture treatments for $1000.00. These Treatments must be used within 1 year of the purchase date. You can authorize anyone to use your treatments if you schedule it in advance. There are no refunds available with this offer after 30 days from purchase.
$1000.00 Offer 

40 TREATMENT PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE DEAL : Buy 40 Acupuncture Treatments for $75.00 per Treatment (Package price of $3000). These Treatments must be used within 2 years of the purchase date. You can authorize anyone to use your Treatments if you schedule it in advance. There are no refunds available with this offer after 30 days from purchase.
$3000.00 Offer 

STUDENTS (WITH STUDENT ID) AND SENIORS (WITH AARP CARD): Individual treatments are priced at $80.00 for an Initial Treatment and $60.00 for Follow Up Treatments. Buy a Package of 10 Acupuncture Treatments for $500.00 or a Package of 5 Acupuncture Treatments  for $300.00. These Treatments must be used within 1 year of the purchase date.

INSURANCE COVERAGE: We accept insurance with the proper approval forms submitted to our office from your health insurer prior to treatment (Some Policies Cover Acupuncture in some Instances- United Health Care, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Ohio State University).

INJURY AND ACCIDENT CLAIMS: We accept BWC (Bureau of Worker's Compensation) claims with an authorized C-9 Form and Car Accident Injury claims with proper insurance documentation (Claim Number) and Letter of Protection.


15 minute Initial Consultation/Analysis/Office Visit $75.
1 Acupuncture Treatment (either front or back with or without electrical stim.) $135.
Teleconference Visit with Physician (20-30 Minutes) $200.00-$300.00.

These packages apply to Franklin County, Delaware County and Fairfield County customers (including Polaris and New Albany as well).


First Treatment with Laser (Initial Consult and Therapy) $250.00

1 Follow Up Laser Session $175.00 Each

6 Treatments with Laser for Smoking/Weight-loss Programs $900.00 (Including Initial Consult)


1.25 HOUR Shiatsu Massage $200

SCHEDULE Shiatsu Acupressure Appointments at 614-849-2099

Edwards Acupuncture Cancellation and Return Policy:
Our Cancellation Policy is as such:
We aim to provide our clients the highest quality service and pride ourselves on our exceptional team. If you should cancel in less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, we not only lose your business, but also the potential business of other clients who may have taken your scheduled time. The full service fee will be charged if the appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.

Our Return Policy on Packages is as such:
We accept returns on packages with a $75 return processing fee (minus the value of any treatments used at regular non-package price) within the first 30 days from purchase (A refund will be processed within 90 days of the request). After that time period (30 days from the purchase date) there are no returns on packages for any reason. Package treatments can be used by anyone authorized by the purchaser and expire after 6 months to 2 years from the purchase date (dependent on the package purchased). If you have any questions call 614-849-2099.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Staff Members


Ahmed Edwards L.Ac.,M.Sc.,DOM                   614-849-2099
Acupuncture Director

Rick Aguirre L.Ac                                              614-849-2099
Associate Acupuncturist

Medical Doctor

Peter Howison, MD                                            303-350-1061
Director of Prescription Services

Office Manager                                                  614-849-2099

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Acupuncture in Columbus Ohio is usually covered For Car Accident Victims by Auto Insurance (MedPay)-

*Injuries sustained by Victims of Auto Accidents respond well to Acupuncture in most cases. Acupuncture as a sole therapy or in conjunction with Chiropractic is a smart choice for sufferers of Auto Accidents. Whiplash, Neck and Back Pain, Sciatica, and other Pain Related Injuries all are treatable with Acupuncture.

*Call Edwards Acupuncture Today at 614-849-2099 to Receive your FREE Auto Accident Evaluation! We will explain all of your options for therapy and describe how we can help.

*We currently work with the following insurance companies: AllState, State Farm, Progressive, Ohio BWC (Worker's Comp), and others.
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Monday, June 9, 2008

(Acupuncture) Prescription Law Dropped in Ohio

Governor Ted Strickland signed SB 245 on Friday May 23, 2008. The new acupuncture practice bill will be enacted 90 days from that date. The OAAOM will be holding an explanatory meeting Sunday June 22, 2008 for all Ohio acupuncturists.

What this law change basically means is that there will be no further requirement for an Acupuncture Prescription for most acupuncturists in Ohio. There will be a $500,000 malpractice insurance requirement associated with this law as well. Acupuncturists in Ohio will now be allowed to designate their title as L.Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist) as an added bonus.

Those acupuncturists who are being licensed for the first time will be required to fulfill a one year probationary period before being allowed to treat without a prescription. This period must be free from disciplinary action in order to begin practicing without the prescription requirement.

This is excellent news for Acupuncturists who have been unfairly controlled by the Medical Board in the state of Ohio. There is not even one acupuncturist on the board governing their activities. I for one am happy about this long overdue regulatory change of an unfair and outdated law. This allows acupuncturists in Ohio to begin practicing their profession properly and without the interference of a civil rights violating law. Let's fight the Ohio Acupuncture Herb Ban next!

Peace, Ahmed Edwards (614) 849-2099.